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Course Assignment

Below are listed a series of projects, assignments, and papers I completed during my time at Michigan State University. These highlight my abilities as both a student and teacher of English and history. Click on the underlined titles to access the artifacts! 

As a part of this formative assessment assignment for my TE 407 class, we had to design and deliver a formative assessment and interpret data to measure whether or not they met the goal/learner outcomes for the lesson. This formative assessment analysis is helpful in informing my practice and lesson design that clearly shows whether students are meeting the learner objectives or not. That way, I can easily see what works/doesn't work about the lesson and how best to tweak it moving forward. This showcases my ability to grow my teaching skills using data to track my growth. 

As a final project for my U.S. History seminar I took in Spring of 2021, I chose to take a look at the unintended consequences of moving to a centralized, per-pupil educational funding model on the Lansing suburb of Grand Ledge, MI. In this paper I look at the effects of the 1993 passage of Proposal A in terms of student demographic data, funding, and community reaction to the changes. This paper is very special to me, as I use the experiences and memories of my father, older brothers, and cousins -- all of whom went to Grand Ledge -- as a lens into how the community has changed over the years. This helps to demonstrate my knowledge of the greater Lansing community, as well as how government and politics shape the communities and schools we live and work in.   

All students in my classroom are unique, and none of them think exactly the same as the person sitting next to them. Adapting my teaching craft to meet the needs of individual students takes a lot of balance and coordination. While some students have actual IEPs meant to address their diagnosed disabilities, that does not mean I have to limit my differentiation to only those students. Teaching should be flexible, and teachers should be responsive to the needs of students. This artifact demonstrates my knowledge of how students with varying disabilities may need additional support, which was very helpful as I got to put that knowledge into practice during my internship this year. 

In this paper on the power and production of reality during the French Revolution, I chose to focus on how internalized, unconscious beliefs and patterns manifest themselves in the inability to reconcile conflict based on systems, structures, and ideas in 18th-century France. This historiographical piece demonstrates my ability to see and critique historical interpretations and perspectives of large and controversial events in history, as well as connect them to issues and events in popular culture today. This is a skill I take into the classroom in discussions of how power shapes our understanding of history, complicating traditional narratives and challenging students to see beyond surface-level interpretations of controversial topics and events. 

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