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Teacher Ashley Allison

I am a 2022 graduate of Michigan State University where I dual majored in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science: Social Studies Education & History, along with a minor in English. I am passionate about all things humanities, particularly modern US history, philosophy, and literature. 

I have experience serving the community both inside and out of the classroom. Before beginning my teaching career, I spent the last 8 years as a camp supervisor at a local parks and recreation department, DeWitt Area Recreation Authority. Over the course of my education at Michigan State University I had placements in multiple schools in the Lansing area, as well as a year-long internship at Everett High School where I taught 9th grade World History & Geography, 10th grade United States History, and 11th grade English.

In my free time, I am an avid reader and love to write. I like to spend as much time outside that's humanly possible, whether that is hiking, walking, or just sitting out in the sunshine! I love to travel locally, nationally, and internationally, and I firmly believe you can have an adventure wherever you find yourself. You can also find me frequenting the local coffee shops, either reading a book, grading papers, or chatting up the baristas. 

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